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Dr. Kalani Walther

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Kalani Walther D.C.


I was born on Oahu and Hawaii has always been home to me.

In honor of my birthplace, my parents named me Kalani which means “Big Chief” or “Heavenly One”.

I am humbled to have a name that continues to inspire. 


My chiropractic career started in San Francisco in 1982 in a very busy practice which gave me decades of experience and knowledge in a few years.


Over the next 10 years, I worked alongside a very good friend and eventually joined my wife for the next 15 years at Hercules Chiropractic Center. After realizing the importance of maintaining balance in one’s life, we decided to follow our dream and move to Kauai in 2010.


Over the past 11 years here I have worked as a mobile emergency care chiropractor at On Call Chiropractic, at Northshore Wellness Center (Hale Lea Medical Center) and I continue to work at Kalaheo Wellness Center with Dr. Zach Young since 2015.


I am now excited to be working with Dr. Amada Guzman who took over Dr. Sally Bowen’s practice.

                                                       MY APPROACH TO CHIROPRACTIC


My approach to chiropractic is to strengthen the relationship between structure and function which are closely interrelated.

When the structure is optimized, you function at a higher level.

With proper care you can do the activities you may have given up because you thought you were too injured or getting too old to do.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. This is possible only when your body doesn’t limit your imagination and desires.


My vision for the future is to continue serving the health needs and to increase the quality of the lives of those in our community.


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