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Please call or text our office to let us know you would like to make an appointment at (808) 212-1771.  

If you are a Current Patient and you would like to change your appointment, reschedule or cancel please let us know 24 hours in advance. If you can't get in touch with us leave a message or a text message and someone will return your call/text. Please include your name and telephone number.

If you are a New Patient (Have never been to our office in Princeville). Call/ us at (808) 212-1771. If we are unable to answer, please leave a message and someone will return your call/text. 

Let us know your:

1. Full name. 

2. Email address.

3. Telephone number where you can be reached.

4. Birthdate.

We will make an appointment for you and send you an email to verify date and time of your appointment and also ask you to fill out an "patient intake form".

                  It is important to be filled out before your first visit.

The more information we have will enable us to give you the best care possible.

If you have any questions click here:                                


This will take you to our "Resources" page. Click on the Window's icon and it will take you through on how to fill out the "patient intake form".

Thank you!



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